Where I’ve Been / Where this is Going

I haven’t posted much for quite a while.

God willing, that is about to change, but so is this blog. You see, for the first few years of this blog, I was trapped in a big city. Never being big on “going out,” on days off I would sit on the the porch of the apartment I rented a room in, smoke a pipe, and write. Now I have a large mortgage on a small house on almost a half acre on the outskirts of a small town–and a wife, son, and even a dog. Life has changed.

Now on days off I mow the lawn, haul wood chips for my sheetmulch garden, fix things the previous owners failed to maintain, and try to cross things off my never-ending list. It’s far more satisfying.

And when I think of things I want to pass on to my son, many of the things I’ve previously written here come to mind. But those are already covered, and there are many more things I want to pass on to him. Some, like gardening, l learned from my father. Others, like butchering, I wish I had learned from my father, but I will have to learn on my own.

Going forward, posts will probably be fairly short. I’ll probably post about major purchases, various projects, and new skills acquired. Now and then, I’m sure there will be posts of the old sort as well. I’ll post about progress on paying off the debt I acquired with marriage (school loans), and the mortgage. If you’re a current subscriber, and the new direction isn’t your cup of tea, I understand. Don’t clutter your inbox subscribing to anything that doesn’t give you value.

And to all my readers over the past few years, thank you for your “likes” (when I was on wordpress.com), comments, and emails. Many of you have caused me to think about things in new ways, and examine things I otherwise would not have. If you find value in the posts going forward, I hope you will continue to comment and email, as I am sure that will lead to me learning things I otherwise would not.

God Bless,


2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been / Where this is Going

  1. Definitely looking forward to the new stuff. I quit blogging for the exact same reasons – no time with more obligations.

    Let us know how the debt goes. After prayer and fasting during lent I decided not to get a house for my family but keep renting to pay off debts faster.

    As for purchases, if your doing gardening without any gas powered stuff, I recommend getting a broadfork. I love the meadow creature one I just purchased with some of my tax returns. Its expensive as far as tools go, but a real solid tool that can work the rocky clay of Oklahoma.

  2. Chad:

    I’ll definitely let you know how the debt goes. I can certainly understand the decision to rent. When we went to look at the house we now own, there was a slab of marble in the front yard with our (not common) last name engraved in it. As far as broadforks, I may buy one and turn to double-digging if my foray into sheetmulching fails. However, I have a basically inexhaustible supply of free, 1-2 year decomposted wood chips about a quarter mile from my house, so I decided to try the sheetmulch/back-to-eden approach out first.

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