Time to sharpen the rusted blog

With the right claiming a stake on moral high ground and the left championing the fight against objectifying women, how on earth is Hooters still a socially acceptable place to eat? And don’t tell me it’s because of the wings.

So wrote a Protestant pastor on Facebook.

Let’s leave aside the bold-faced lie about the left “championing the fight against objectifying women.” This pastor can’t believe that Hooter’s in still in business. Surely all those poor spandex-clad girls are being forced to work there against their will, and if the “ebil patriarchy” would just stop forcing them to apply for those jobs, Hooter’s would be out of business in a week.

Then a woman commented, to deride him for not being suffiecently submissive to the desires of the matriarchy:

If a woman chooses to use her looks as a means to support themselves and their families, that is their choice. Who are we to say that eating there is socially unacceptable and shouldn’t be a place to eat? Besides, there are many a lefty who feel woman have the right to do whatever they want with their body.

Pastor Weebleknees is quick to reply that he didn’t mean to impugn the matriarchy:

I totally sympathize with the disadvantaged. There are major issues in our world today. The gender wage gap is one. Single mothers are another. But once we resign ourselves to believe that’s just the way it is and we might as well take advantage of the situation, it perpetuates the problem…. And btw, I’m not blaming the women as much as the enterprising men who have broken the system.
It’s enough to make one want to bash his head into a brick wall. This is part of why I’ve written so little in the past year. I’ve tried to make a difference in the real world, and with people I know personally, like Pastor Weebleknees. Believe me, such efforts are far more taxing that sitting behind a computer screen and writing articles that only a few people who are mostly on the same page already ever see.
I’ve never wanted to be a leader outside of my own family. On the occasions in the past where I had more than one article linked on one of Free Northerner’s Lightning Rounds, I would hold off on writing for a few days until the views died back down. But as much as I wish I could let the world go to hell and just focus on my family, I can’t. The world is contantly attacking and trying to drag down those I care about, and must be destroyed.
If I can use this blog to fight the fight, I must.

3 thoughts on “Time to sharpen the rusted blog

  1. Hi, Moose!

    “But as much as I wish I could let the world go to hell and just focus on my family, I can’t. The world is constantly attacking and trying to drag down those I care about, and must be destroyed.”

    You said this perfectly! This is the problem I have with the majority of the “prepper” movement, and the modern American church in general (yes, little c intended). If I hole up and hide, then how do I teach my family how to be wise as serpents, harmless as doves?

    Thank you for this post!

  2. Great sentiments. But remember Zippy; we aren’t going to destroy the evil of the world. That’s God’s work. Our calling (or at least mine; maybe you’re a Great Man) is just to help chip away at the foundations in the full knowledge that the evil empire will outlive me. But nevertheless, I won’t submit to the orcs.

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