Thoughts on Counter.Fund

If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you are already aware of Pax Dickinson’s new project, Counter.Fund. If not, do yourself a favor and check out the link.

So how do I, the proprietor of an oft-neglected low-traffic blog view this project? With a little suspicion and a good deal of hope. The idea certainly has great potential. It’s easy to see how a little financial security can help people fighting for the return of order and virtue to be able to concentrate on that fight more. I know I myself would write more if I didn’t have to pick up extra work for financial reasons.

Pax seems to have thought through his structure pretty well, and designed it to limit entryism with it’s multi-tiered system. That’s all well and good. However, think for a minute about the blogs that you read in this sphere. Are the best ones also the largest? That’s certainly not my experience. Cane Caldo and Zippy Catholic get far less views than say, Cernovich, but I’d much rather one of them on Counter.Fund’s “High Council” than Cerno.

There are personalities that know how to create a watered-down, mediocre message that will appeal to the widest number, even within the Alt-Right, or edgysphere, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it umbrella. These are the people that have the biggest blogs, and I think it likely that they are the ones who will get the most donations because of that. And since influence is tied to donations, I think you could end up with a situation where all of the most influential people on the platform–those who drive its mission–are frauds who know how to play a crowd.

Pax says he will vet for ideological compatibility and content quality. That simply means the frauds with the most influence will be ideologically compatible with the rest of the platform–frauds almost always produce quality content. All that being said, Pax is a smart guy, and as this all goes live he’ll have the ability to make some tweaks. Maybe he already has a mechanism in mind to keep his platform from being controlled by the most vapid voices.

At any rate, Counter.Fund is a good idea, a step in the right direction, and huge advantage to cause of virtue and order. Even if it is controlled by the vapid frauds who pander to popularity, it will still provide the a way to assist those who are actually fighting the good fight.

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