They don’t like the Bible

There is a quote, commonly attributed to Mark Twain, that says “the best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible.”  Indeed, the majority of today’s “Christians” hold beliefs that are directly contradicted by the Bible. Often these anti-biblical beliefs are preached from pulpits and supported by a few verses lifted from their context. As the quote suggests, no doubt many of today’s Christians would stop identifying themselves as such if they became acquainted with what the Bible actually says.

Not because the Bible is wrong, but because they care more about following the claims of the culture than the claims of Christ.

I haven’t really followed the Phil Robertson controversy, but I became aware of it when I was in the gym and the television was featuring a gay activist talking about how Robertson’s remarks were “unchristian.” Seriously. This person is claiming that the clear teaching of the Bible is “unchristian.” Then I saw this article in The Atlantic where Conor Friedersdorf writes “I am a theist who believes that some behavior is immoral, but I don’t think homosexual behavior is immoral at all, and insofar as the Bible says otherwise, I believe it to be in error.”

While Friedersdorf identifies himself as a theist, rather than a Christian, his attitude is also found in those who identify as Christian. The Bible says something I disagree with? Obviously the Bible must be wrong. This is a position that would make sense if a non-christian took it, but makes no sense when taken by a person who claims to be a Christian.

In the words of Vox Day, “Hearing a queer activist babble about ‘what true Christians believe’ is like hearing someone say true homosexuals are attracted to women.”

So some might think that I’d be ecstatic about the thousands of Christians flocking to the support of the bearded duck-call manufacturer.  Not so much. While the rest of Christendom pats itself on the back for supporting Biblical sexuality, I have to point out that the only reason the majority of Christians stand by the Bible’s assertion of the sinfulness of homosexual behavior is because, for the majority of them, it’s a sin to which they are not tempted. When we look at the sexual sins to which they are tempted, all of a sudden the support for Biblical sexuality becomes non-existent.

Christians engage in pr-marital sex more than those with no religion (source:

No sex outside of marriage? The plethora of church-going, never-married single mothers shows just how well the church is holding up that standard of Biblical sexuality. In fact, one sociological study found that Christians engage in both pre-marital and extra-marital sex more often than even people with no religion.

No divorce except in the case of actual extra-marital sexual intercourse by the other spouse? According to a Barna study, the divorce rate for born again Christians is 32%, so either adultery or unauthorized divorce is occurring in a third of Christian marriages, and both are explicitly designated sexual sins by the Bible. Not to mention the sexual sin of withholding sex within marriage–something tells me that I don’t even want to know what percentage of Christians are guilty of that one. 

But oh yeah, I’m super-duper proud that despite ignoring all of God’s sexual standards that they find inconvenient, the church has decided it’s ok to believe the Bible was right about homosexuality. At least for now. So long as it doesn’t keep them from engaging in their church-approved sexual sins of fornication, frivolous divorce, adultery, and withholding sex within marriage. After all, Paul couldn’t have possibly meant what he said when he threw fornicators and adulterers into the same category as homosexuals.

So pat yourself on the back my fellow Christians, you’ve managed to recognize one of the many sexual sins plainly enumerated in the the Bible. Bravo. Now prove you’re serious about this whole believing the Bible thing by taking the Bible seriously on all those other sexual sins too.

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