The Bible is the problem?

A friend shared a link with me, and I have been enlightened.

Believing the Bible Christian Fundamentalism is the root cause of sexual predators!

That’s why, despite never having seen more than a few minutes of the show at a time, and having no idea which kid was Josh, I was able to make this prediction. All I needed to know was that they followed Gothard’s teachings about sex and gender, and I knew that it was more likely than not that a sex scandal would surface sooner or later.

I know, I know, it sounds like he’s saying the problem is with the teachings of some guy named Gothard, but he later makes it clear that what he means by that is the obviously problematic Biblical teaching of pre-marital chastity:

And make no mistake, these teachings are NOT limited to Gothard, but have significantly infiltrated Evangelicalism as a whole. The root of the harmful teachings are an obsession with sexual “purity” and a terror that the kids might have sex before they are married.

It is this problematic association of sex with marriage that causes people to become molesters:

The hypocrisy is just astounding, and it is no wonder the media is all over this. This family, like Gothard and Phillips, made their fortune – millions of dollars – promoting a particular view of sexuality, and (in my view), trading on the pretty innocence of their daughters. And then used the platform to make unsupportable claims about LGBT people. And all the while, it wasn’t the gays that were fondling the daughters. 

No sir. The gays were not fondling the Duggar daughters. Nope. All they were doing was using their adopted son to create gay child porn. Not nearly as despicable. And it was probably caused by their Christian Fundamentalist beliefs anyways.



But this disgusting Christian Fundamentalism isn’t just limited to the gays and some reality TV stars. No, it controls the entire culture. Even a mainstream publication like the LA Times is down with child molestation, with columnist Robin Abcarian writing that it is perfectly normal for children to “check out the genitals of other kids, especially their much younger siblings.” Ms. Abcarian wrote this in defense of the self-admitted child molester and noted Christian Fundamentalist Lena Dunham, who–like the Duggars–has a television show dedicated to teaching the Christian Fundamentalist doctrine of chastity.

No doubt Ms. Abcarian will soon have a new column using the same Christian Fundamentalist arguments to defend Mr. Duggar.  That just goes to show how insidious this whole believing the Bible Christian Fundamentalist thing is. If you’re still not convinced that believing the Bible Christian Fundamentalism causes child molestion, just peruse this study, which clearly shows that the vast majority of cases are perpetrated by the the boyfriend of the victim’s mother–a family arrangement far more prevalent among Fundamentalist Christian than in the general population.

Save a child. Prevent molestation. Don’t believe the Bible be a Christian Fundamentalist.


For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions. —2 Timothy 4:3 (ESV)

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  1. Bravo! Well said.

    When I was five or six years old, the little girl down the street and I had an I’ll-show-you-mine-if-you’ll-show-me-yours encounter. I don’t recall if her parents were Christian Fundamentalists, but I know mine were non-religious. Does this make me a predator or a victim? Should I seek counseling? Turn myself in? Is the poor girl toting around a mattress due to the emotional scarring? Am I repressing the trauma of this early sexual abuse?

    Can anyone out there help me? Is mine a case of childish curiosity, a hate crime or just another example of the War on Women? I’m so confused!

  2. @ KPP:

    You unnecessarily complicate the scenario by stating that you were not a Christian Fundamentalist at the time of the incident. What matters is that you are one now–obviously these beliefs that you now hold are responsible for your past behavior.

  3. ”On a related note, the problem with taking the easy route and labeling Josh Duggar a Child Molester:

    We have a tendency as a society and as a religion to dismiss bad actions as being done by “bad people.” That way, we can just say that somebody evil did something evil, and never look at the underlying structural and philosophical issues. So, domestic violence is just bad men beating women. Get rid of the bad men, and everything will be fine. It clearly has nothing to do with belief in the inferiority of women or the necessity that they obey and serve men. Move along, nothing to see here…”

    I think he added a few notes after comments by the read like this one.

    And a follow up post.

    I agreed on the issue of obsession with external appearance that characterize fundamentalisms. However it seems he is culturally feminist in regards to sex roles allowed by I think this statement of fallicies:

    ” Both of these stem in part (again, in my opinion) from the belief shared by most Cultural Fundies that the Bible was literally dictated by God. As in, word for word, with no possibility admitted that the (human) writers were influenced by their culture, knowledge, or understanding. Thus, for many, the Mosaic law is expected to be applied as literally as possible in our times, because it is literally a dictation from God of the most perfect civil law possible. The idea that the laws might be (in part) cribbed from earlier legal codes and be full of assumptions and institutions that pervaded the Ancient Near East, and that understanding this history might be important to interpretation and application is utter anathema. To question the applicability or meaning of a verse is to reject the very words of God. That something might be lost in the translation, linguistic or cultural does not even enter the picture. ”

    Although agreed that bibles are not dictated word for word except in regards to prophecy the rest that is not historical description but commands is still inspired by God and hence should be obeyed since they are from God who through the spirit moved them to write such commands. The ones that are nullified are laws that specifically applied to the nation state of Ancient Israel and the ceremonial laws. The moral laws are still in effect as are the commands laid down by the apostle Paul to apply for all time especially in regards to sex considering it is rooted in the created order. But he thinks that such commands do no apply considering that they are only rooted in a particular culture and place.

    Characterizing the patriarchal order laid down by God as mere opposition to gender equality rather than an integral divinely ordained structure of family from the beginning of Creation that is to exist for all time until the last judgment.

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