Giving up progress to make progress

There are different ways to consider progress and success.

3 years ago I was debt-free, had enough savings to live comfortably for about 6 months, and was giving away approximately 1/4 of my income to charity. I worked out regularly, could bench press 405 for 2 reps, and could run a mile in 6 minutes 10 seconds (I never was able to break the 6 minute mark). I also wrote regularly, with some of the writing being posted here.

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Corishev on church leadership

If I’m the leader of a scout group, and you come along and insist on being the co-leader, that doesn’t give the group twice as much leadership. It divides the leadership between us. Men can’t re-invent themselves as leaders in their churches without taking it away from the women who currently hold it. Those women are not going to give it up gladly, so men who try are going to have a fight on their hands. To fail to even warn them of that, let alone to supply them with the proper tools, is setting them up for failure. It also doesn’t help to imply that women only took over leadership because men abandoned it. That makes them think that if men volunteer for leadership positions, women will gladly step aside for them. That’s a lie, and it will leave men confused and frustrated when they try and get rejected. —Cail Corishev

Why Christian men hate church

There seems to be a consensus among many Christians, especially women, that the most fundamental tenet of Christianity is weekly church attendance. Go to services at any church that takes verbal prayer requests, and you are sure to hear some women bring up “missing members,” or ask for prayers that her friend/son/husband/coworker will “start coming … Read more…

Church disdain for Biblical teaching: divorce edition

As I’ve mentioned previously, most modern Christians simply can’t be bothered to pay any attention to the clear commands of scripture. “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15), has been re-interpreted to mean “if you love me, there’s no point in keeping my commandments, because I’m God and I love you, … Read more…