Thoughts on building up the Body of Christ

It has bothered me for a long time: Something Cane Caldo has said more than once and in various ways:

Awhile back there was a lot of conversation about the merits of posting anonymously versus writing under your legitimate name. The reason I don’t is because I don’t want Cane Caldo to be a subject of conversation at work. If that happens I’ll eventually get fired. They’ll just stop hiring me; not because I did something wrong, but because I work with a lot of women who–after hearing about what a modernist can only interpret as misogyny–will express a vague unease about me; they just would feel more “coooomfortable, you know?”, with someone else. My direct managers will happily comply with a suitable replacement.

But, honestly, the issue is that we here are–for the most part–of the conservative bent of mind, and conservatives conserve nothing as much as grace and respect. They hoard it, really. Consequently, I have zero faith that any of you would or could find me another job.

This inherent unhelpfulness does not just extend to jobs–I distinctly remember Cane (and others) pointing out how unlikely fellow Christians are to

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