Sounding the trumpet

There are some common complaints I hear when I point out Biblical truths:

“I can’t imagine Jesus saying that”

Sigh. A lack of imagination on your part doesn’t constitute a prohibition on God’s part. Try again.

“That’s not a very loving thing to say”

Right. Because true love lets people destroy themselves and never, ever says what needs to be said if the recipient doesn’t want to hear it.

“That’s not a very Christlike thing to say”

No, Christ never once said anything offensive to anyone. Jesus never hurt anyone’s feelings. Nope, he was an inoffensive guy that everyone loved and no one hated.

Honestly, the charges don’t bother me. Not just because they are absurd, but because they called my Master far worse. What bothers me is the number of Christians that are afraid of these accusations. How many watchmen see the sword approaching, but refuse to sound the trumpet because the church says “That isn’t very loving and Christlike?” How many men have heard the lion roar, but refuse to prophecy? How many Christian men hold back their swords in laxness due to fear of man, fear of the church?

Too many.

Far too many.

I refuse to be one of them. I only hope I can convince others to join me in sounding the trumpet. Perhaps I can awaken the other watchmen, and open their eyes and mouths.

And you, son of man, what will you do? The fact that you are reading this means you have heard the trumpet sound. You have seen the sword approaching, will you sound your own trumpet? You have heard the Lion roar, will you prophecy? Or will you be lax in doing the Lord’s work, holding back your sword from blood?

Now is the time to awaken. Now is the time to prophecy.

The Day of the Lord cometh, and it is a day of utter darkness. I sure as hell am not going to withhold my warnings simply because they hurt some people’s feelings. The question is, will you?

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