Please don’t Feed the Pornographers

I’ve been following this comment thread on Deep Strength’s blog.

Yesterday, some woman calling herself “pamelaparizo” showed up in the comments, and proceeded to leave a comment longer than the original post, in which it became clear that she was attempting to teach Deep Strength, the blog’s male proprietor, and had no interest in learning. However, her very long and very wrong comment, rather than being dismissed out of hand, received a medium length answer from Earl, and an exhaustive refutation from Deep Strength.

But even though Deep Strength lowered himself to answering her ridiculous arguments, Pamela couldn’t shut up. She fired off three more comments in machine-gun succession. The first two had links at the bottom to her blog, The third ended with

if godly marriages are the aim, then a person’s spirituality should be more important than physical attractiveness. A meek (submissive) and a quiet spirit is of great price in the sight of God.


So I went to her blog. Here’s what I found on the first page:

That’s right, this woman who specifically claimed to not be feminist while trolling Deep Strength’s blog to waste his and his reader’s time actually writes feminist porn.

Don’t feed the pornographers, boys.

I responded to her in the shortest, most dismissive way I could:

Pamela has posted 3 more comments after I advised her to learn to be quiet, resulting in many paragraphs of unnecessary and fruitless writing by the men of the space.

Please, don’t feed the pornographers.

3 thoughts on “Please don’t Feed the Pornographers

  1. ‘Please, don’t feed the pornographers.’

    You can dismiss or refute them. She was trying to jam a secular idea into Scripture and that’s something I’ve been trying to refute.

    Trying to sneak in that ‘agape’ = ‘affection’ nonsense is certainly made for women and has nothing to do what it is really about, God’s love.

    But it doesn’t surprise me at all that most of her viewpoint probably comes from how her relationship was with her husband. She probably needed to do more submitting to him as to the Lord and prayer for his conversion from the bad habits instead of lecturing other men on the internet.

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