Playing poker in a foxhole

Maybe it was too easy.

Because I write under a pseudonym, I’ve always felt my ideas and advice will be judged on merit alone. But when a friend comes to you because he trusts you, and asks for advice, it becomes harder. When I know that my advice will likely be taken as gospel, it adds a far greater sense of responsibility.

And I usually write about the rather vague and general topic of Godly masculinity, which is something I feel comfortable giving advice on. Yet in real life, what people come to me for is marriage advice, and advice on specific, tough topics.

There are much better places to go with those kinds of questions than a never-married guy in his mid-twenties. Yet if I’m the only person that these people feel they can trust with their issues and questions, I will not turn them away. Every day I pray for wisdom, and that God will give me the words that others need to hear.

So I haven’t really had anything left over to place here for you.

Divorce, adultery, rape, incest–I’ve had to think about each of these in ways that I never had to before, as I looked into the eyes of the people affected and saw them pleading for help, for answers, for someone to listen. I’ve been driven into much fervent prayer. I’ve had the truth of the universality of sin nature driven home time and again.

If things keep up, the blog posts will continue to be infrequent.

But maybe there will be a little more wisdom behind them.

In the meantime, consider your own life. Is the devil mounting an all-out offensive against you and those close to you? If the answer is “no,” consider prayerfully the reason why. Satan is not afraid to challenge God directly, so I doubt he’s leaving you alone because you scare him. More than likely, he’s leaving you alone because you are not causing him any harm. Maybe you’re just sitting there, playing poker in a foxhole.

A lack of attacks should scare a Christian.

If people are saying worse things about Donald Trump than they are about you, something is wrong.

If no one hates you, something is wrong.

There’s a war on, boys. You should expect to be shot at.

Think about that.

4 thoughts on “Playing poker in a foxhole

  1. One can be too close – If you’ve been in a situation like a divorce, your emotions and experience will skew things.
    If people are coming to you, it might be because you are wise because you can see objectively, rationally, even spiritually, not emotionally. Fair judges are rare in good times. If you don’t give soothing words, but are willing to call the emperor a nudist, you have rare honesty and candor. People will occasionally want a true mirror, not a rose-colored (or blue-colored) one.

    Bringing up the devil is interesting because so few do – they worry about ISIS, about the economy, the government, and other enemies, but forget about the Father of lies and murderers.

    Keep praying and trust Divine Providence to get you through, and his mercy to forgive words you might say which aren’t directly from him.

    Speaking of which, I almost died twice this year from “accidents” which I never even came close over the past 4 decades, but I’m now a daily communicant at a great church which is a short walk away, in a town that seems like it is out of a 1940’s to 1950’s movie. When a jet goes supersonic, the turbulence is left to the sonic boom in the wake and everything becomes quiet, at least for those in the jet.

  2. You’re back! I had stopped checking. Hey, you were gone a long time.

    It is fearful when the words one throws around invite another to ask for real help with a real problem.

  3. Yes, I am back. I’m hoping to be posting regularly again soon. Forgive the late reply, I got married on Wednesday.

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