On the dormition of Zippy

I never met him, but I feel comfortable saying the world has lost a good man. I did not regularly read Zippy’s blog–it was often too technical for me–but he may have shaped my thinking more than bloggers I read religiously for years. Please join me in praying for the repose of his soul, and also for those he has left behind.*


* If your tradition does not provide you with a prayer for this occasion, feel free to use the one below.

Into thy hands, O Lord, I commend the soul of thy servant Matthew known as Zippy, and beseech thee to grant him rest in the place of thy rest, where all thy blessed Saints repose, and where the light of thy countenance shineth forever. And I beseech thee also to grant that our present lives may be godly, sober, and blameless, that, we too may be made worthy to enter into thy heavenly Kingdom with those we love but see no longer: for thou art the Resurrection, and the Life, and the Repose of thy departed servants, O Christ our God, and unto thee we ascribe glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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