New on the blogroll: Being Renewed

I feel that the more blogs I link in my blogroll, the less of a statement I am making about a blog by including it in my blogroll. Many good things are being written on sites that are not in my blogroll, but since this site is aimed at my high-school aged brothers and others like them, my aim is to point them to the fundamentals, rather than overwhelm them. All that being said, today I have made the first addition to my blogroll since this blog began.

I don’t know how he found my blog, but deLaune has been a regular commenter since I started this blog at the beginning of the year. Like this blog, his blog is fairly young, and doesn’t have hundreds or thousands of posts yet. However, as I have perused it, I have found the quality to be excellent with an easy to read style and vernacular. deLaune has a son that is approximately my age, yet seems much more cognizant of the challenge faced by marriage-minded men today than most others in my father’s generation. He definitely does not seem to be one who refuses to acknowledge the changes that have occurred since he was my age.

Currently, deLaune is in the middle of an excellent series entitled Christian Basics. He has already mentioned several of the topics I’ve written on here, such as the propensity of modern Christians to ignore the Bible, and the fact that church attendance is not the point of true Christianity. I highly recommend that you check out his site and leave him some love in the comments.

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