Major Purchase: FoodSaver


What: FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 Food Preservation System.

Cost: $120

Purchased From: Costco

Last fall, I discovered that about the time that the guys at work get their deer back from the processor (none of them do their own butchering), they are very willing to give away whatever’s left of last year’s deer. That was one consideration. Another is that we intend to freeze a number of vegetables from the garden this year. I’ve always used ziplock freezer bags in the past. Finally, this thing has the ability to vacuum the air out of a mason jar, and seal it with a standard canning lid. We’ve been looking for a way to seal my wife’s homemade sauerkraut that doesn’t require heating it and killing the cultures. This fits the bill. Now we can give friends and family sealed jars of kraut that they feel “safer” with, while still giving them a live culture product. Also, I will use it for my homemade wines, to prevent vinegar formation after racking and bottling.

4 thoughts on “Major Purchase: FoodSaver

  1. I doubt anyone else would be interested, but as you go through indoor (especially kitchen use) items, would you be able to say how much space it takes up and how big of a pain it would be to store and take out? For cost, we rent a space about 450 sq feet for 400/month. We would love stuff like this, but shy away from purchases simply because of a desire to keep physical clutter at bay. The information would help us make more informed decisions

  2. Chad,
    I’ll do that. We’re still figuring out where to store some of this stuff ourselves.

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