In which I try talking instead of writing

The past week I’ve been on working vacation doing some logging for a camp/resort center, and mainly without internet due to being out cell signal, but last night I walked to the main lodge to get wifi and participate in Reactionary Ian’s latest Christian Hangout. A livesteam is a bit out of my comfort zone, as I certainly don’t have the time to craft my ideas and words as much as I do when I write. Anyhow, here is the recording if anyone is interested.

5 thoughts on “In which I try talking instead of writing

  1. I listened to the part on headship and authority. Generally speaking, there is an undercurrent assumption that authority is bad.

    God is good. God is the authority. God created authority. We trust God as sovereign.

    If the first thing you think of when you think of authority and/or headship is concern over how it can be abused rather how it can be used for good you’re already on the wrong track altogether.

    The Scripture points out how Christians are to handle sin within the Church. This is the importance of community. There should be those in the community. Mentors, elders, and other people who know you can advise you in the path of righteousness. The wife as a helpmeet is but one of these who can potentially point such things out.

  2. @ Deep Strength

    I was taken by surprise that these guys were so distrustful of authority and headship. Hopefully the little that I did say will help some people to look into it more.

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