I’m impressed

wpid-wp-1428003572146.jpegThis arrived in the mail today. An old friend makes flasks, and I asked him to make me a custom one.  It took only 12 business days from the time I contacted him to receiving it in the mail across the country–and since I only gave him the vague description that I wanted “a moose,” the first day or two was used up by me looking at various options that he sent me and picking the one I liked the best. If you are in the market for such a thing (I never encourage an impulse buy, even from my friend), you can go here and click on the “Request a Custom Order” button to request your own custom silhouette. Oh, and the quilt in the background? It was given to me my a Dorcas society when I was a poor college student, and remains one of my prized possessions. In fact, I insist on turning the AC down to 65 at night, in even the warmest weather, so that I can use it.

2 thoughts on “I’m impressed

  1. @Pilgrim of the East:

    Even the most frugal have cherished splurges. The idea is to make these as rewarding as possible at minimum cost. Since I currently rent a room, and pay a flat amount that includes electrical and water, this particular splurge costs me nothing. However, to save my landlord money, I also leave the AC off during the day even when I am home, thus balancing out my usage. Tricks like this are what make a frugal lifestyle sustainable and enjoyable–trading what you value less (AC during the day) for what you value more (65 degrees at night).

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