I’m back… and BCB is up

My sabbatical ended up being longer than I anticipated. In the interim, many things have gone on in my life, the most significant being that I got engaged. As I discussed timing with her parents, I remember saying “If we wait for the perfect time to get married, we’ll be waiting forever, because there is no perfect time, only good times and bad times.”

I find that often, it is better to do something in an imperfect but timely fashion than it is to wait forever to do it perfectly and end up never doing it. To that end, I am happy to announce that www.buildingchristsbody.com is operational, albeit imperfect. A professional is working on designing the site in his free time, and I am excited to see what he accomplishes, but in the meantime I could sense that the time to strike was while the iron is still somewhat hot. It isn’t pretty, but I think it will be functional.

For now, it is divided geographically into states, and categorically into “Needs” and “Abilities.” Both of these can be expanded with sub-divisions as user base grows. Please take a look, create an account, post an ability (and perhaps a need) and spread the word. I will eventually need volunteer moderators, so if you are interested in being a moderator for your state or locality, let me know.

During my sabbatical, I thought long and hard about this blog and related projects. Should I remain anonymous? Should I consolidate this project into the writing I do under my given name? Are my methods in line with my goals? While I am sure that eventually my identity will be a secret to no one, I decided to remain pseudonymous. When you read the words of an anonymous stranger on the internet, you evaluate them on their merit alone, and that is how I want anyone who stumbles on this site to read my work here.

However, I have made other changes. I deleted my Twitter account, because I was not really using it to support my mission here. It was a distraction from my main purpose. I deleted my Ask.fm account for much the same reasons. I have decided not to continue in the book writing process that I had started. As of now, Preparing for Persecution will not be published. Instead, I will try to take the parts of that manuscript that most closely align with my purpose for this blog and re-work them into articles here.

As I try to get Building Christ’s Body underway, my posts here will likely be sporadic, but I will attempt to keep them coming with a reasonable frequency.

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