How not to catch Sea Cows

Cane Caldo is generally a pretty smart guy.

And I’ve seen an uptick in my traffic, (despite the fact I’m not really writing) and had to spam several comments women attempted to leave. So, in the interest of keeping this a male space, I’m going to try to be more opaque in my future post titles.


I want to be set to ‘ignore.’

Because women can be a distraction even when they are prohibited here.

I have no desire to be the topic of endless masturbatory comment strings by women on women’s blogs. Women that are writing hundreds of comments about me are being distracted from better pursuits, whether that is my intent or not. So I’m doing my best not to be party to that.

I expect to receive less traffic from search engines as a result, but hope that less distractions allow me to provide a better place for those of you who come here.

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