Give to promote giving

I really did not intend to start another major project until I finish Preparing for Persecution.

But I am.

My idea for a website where Christians meet each others needs was fleshed out a little further in the comments of the post where I introduced it. I still don’t have it all figured out, but I’ve purchased the website domains and hope to soon start on the design (with the help of those who have the skills I lack).

I can’t do this alone.

I also can’t pay anyone to help me.

If you are interested in helping to get this project running, please contact me. There are all kinds of ways you can help out. I will need help with the web design, with working out details of how the whole system works, with recruiting churches and individuals as charter members, with proofreading the About page and other written portions of the site other than the postings themselves, and probably with other things I haven’t thought of yet. When it gets off the ground, I would also like to have a supervisor/coordinator for each city to monitor posts, interact with churches, etc., and when a number of cites in a state become active, I foresee a similar position at the state level.

If you are willing to donate your time and expertise to helping others donate their time and expertise, I’d love to have you on board. Please email me at with what you can do to help. Invite any friends that might be interested. And don’t hesitate to continue to provide suggestions.

9 thoughts on “Give to promote giving

  1. Hit me up if you need some brainstorming ideas. I’m very good with systems and planning.

    Not sure how much I would be able to contribute beyond that though as my expertise is not in the other areas.

  2. I can proofread.

    Don’t know how I can help on the ground until I get moved and established at the new place in the boondocks. It’s a small town, but that may be one of the best places for such an idea.

  3. My wife set up a ministry like this in the early 000’s. Offline, using cards on a table, mimicking the Angle Tree M.O. where specific needs were presented to the body, and the body met the needs. It was very successful and led us into relationships we cherish to this day a decade plus since we moved away from that city and did not duplicate that effort.

    It was things like, someone’s fridge broke and they couldnt afford the fix or to replace…..that was the need, and invariably another person would pass by, see the need, and have planned to replace a perfectly working fridge with no idea what to do with it after the new one arrived. That seems so specific as to be naive and idealistic but that appliance dynamic played out more than any other specific thing. We and the other volunteers simply facilitated the movement of the needed items to the needy family.

    it does play out tighter in a small community.

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