Girls who like Hosea

If you’re ever considering a girl for marriage, and she says that her favorite book of the Bible is Hosea, run. This happened to me. Looking back, I believe that all of the issues that I later discovered could have been predicted if I had paid attention to this one fact. Hosea ought to engender a sense of horror. I knew this, but also knew that most Christians aren’t very familiar with it. However, if a woman is sufficiently familiar with Hosea to claim it is her favorite book, she is sufficiently familiar with it for you to draw inferences from that claim. Claiming Hosea as a favorite book ought to inspire the same level of shock as claiming Psalm 38:7 or 137:9 as a favorite verse.

4 thoughts on “Girls who like Hosea

  1. Yup. About four years ago (back when I believed what I was told and women made no sense), a girl that I had on the marriage track told me that. Worse, I rationalized it until actions showed that could have easily been predicted by that statement. This post might seem like obvious advice, but on the other hand there might be guys out there as brainwashed as I was.

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