For your ears, and a little one’s eyes

This is not my first blog. I think it is my fifth. Of the four that went before, none remain. This is by far the most “successful” blog I have ever built, and even it is small compared to others in its small niche of the internet. No one really notices when I take several weeks between posts, which is good, because I do it often. 

The birth of my son has given me less time to write, but made me see it as more important. If I should die while he is yet young, I hope to live on here. I want to teach him so many things in person, but if I cannot, I want to at least teach him here.

Unlike blogs, I don’t get to go through several to learn how to do it. You can’t delete everything and start over with a son.

So that will be the priority moving forward. If you benefit from what I write, excellent! But he is my main audience.

One of the projects I was working on prior to my son’s arrival was a podcast. Cane Caldo and Deep Strength were gracious enough to join me on it. However, from the beginning I did not plan it out as well as I should have, or put as much time into it as it needed. Consequently, that project is no longer active.

I may revive it in a modified form at some point in the future, or I may try to record a monologue every once in awhile–we’ll see what happens, and what time and other projects allow. In the meantime, I am able to give you a recording of the three of us discussing “How to find a Church.” You will note, if you listen, the phrase “our last episode.” The first episode’s audio was damaged, and the third was never recorded. This, intended to be the second episode, is all that survives.

Yet listening to it again, I still appreciate what my co-hosts had to say. I hope you do too.

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  1. In one of the Ascending the Tower podcasts, Anthony DeMarco said that they plotted for a year before their first podcast. That seems wise. They have a pretty good thing going.

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