Conversation with Gazelle

Gazelle: So there’s this guy who used to like me, but I wasn’t interested in him, but then later I started being interested in him but he started dating this other chick, but now he’s single again. How do I find out if he still likes me without asking him?

Moose: If a guy was interested in a girl, and she didn’t gain a lot of weight, get some crappy tattoos, or chop her hair off he’s probably still interested.

Gazelle: But how do I know for sure?

Moose: You could change your profile pic on facebook.

Gazelle: What?

Moose: You could change your facebook photo and see if he clicks the thumbs up button.

Gazelle: Oh, yeah, he always does.

Moose: He clicks the thumbs up button every time you change your profile pic?

Gazelle: Yeah.

Moose: He’s definitely still interested.

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