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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Br. Moose:

    I’m one of the regulars at

    I like your theme of manly Christianity.

    Along that line, I’d like to recommend The Book of Mormon as another example of manly and militant (in a self defense/self preservation way) Christianity.

    On another theme, the BoM excels at connecting the Old Testament and the New Testament. They were an Old Testament people who understood and looked forward to Christ/Messiah. And at the time of His coming had a better idea/understanding of who He was or would be than the Jews in 33 AD Jerusalem had.

    The “war chapters” as we call them, are mainly in the books of Alma and Helaman. But if you want to see the “Old Testament Christianity”, start at the beginning of the book.

    I had a very powerful conversion experience while reading the book of 3 Nephi somewhere between chapters 11 and 26, and I was given to know that the Jesus Christ of the Book or Mormon was the same Jesus Christ of the Bible.

    I hope you enjoy reading it. I think you will.

  2. @ Bookslinger:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been meaning to read the Book of Mormon for a while now, as well as the Apocrypha. Hope you enjoy the blog.

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