Comments Policy

Comments from women are not accepted on this blog, and are deleted when found.

This policy was enacted on March 8th, 2015. At that time it was in order to promote frankness and openness among the men who comment here, and was due to the nature of the things discussed on this blog at that time–things regarding male-female interaction that men tend to discuss more honestly when women are not present than when they are.

This policy was reviewed on January 10th, 2018 in the light of the fact that the blog has shifted to more pedestrian topics:

I’ll probably write more about products I find that I like, and about things I learn. I’ll probably write less about religious topics, although I may review religious books that I read. I imagine I’ll write some about small-scale farming.

After further review, the ruling on the field is confirmed. Comments from women continue to be forbidden, because this is now a place for men (including me) to learn from each other. Men perform very well in the presence of women, but men learn much better in the absence of women.

If you are a woman reader that has a question, or wants my opinion on something you may email me, or you may link to a post here from your own blog and invite me to comment on your blog. Do not post comments on this blog though, or they will be deleted.