An update on various activities

Much of my time as of late has been spent preparing the house for the immanent arrival of my first child. We still aren’t totally unpacked, and I know that what does not get done before the birth may not get done for a while. Expect me to have less time to devote here and elsewhere for a while.

Not to say that I won’t continue to work here, on BCB, and on other projects. I’m still figuring out how to do the list on divorce, so we’ll probably change up the order and release the head-coverings list next. But we’re also about to start on the next step at BCB, and will soon be working on material in addition to the list that will be useful, and available to anyone, regardless of whether they have an account. (By the way, I still need a few more people on BCB, as I don’t currently have enough to function test everything. If you are interested, email me.)

The next part of BCB will still be focused on denominations, rather than individual churches, but soon I’ll be enabling new features that will allow us to profile individual churches. At that point I will need a lot more members to help with the legwork, so again, email me if you are interested.

Finally, I’ve been working on a new project, collaborating with others that those of you who read here are likely familiar with. Expect a further announcement about it here sometime in the next few months.

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