An observation

The Orthodox on my Twitter feed:

We are likely to see more former papists coming to our churches and inquirer’s classes due to the turmoil in the Latin Church. We must make sure that they are properly catechized and truly Orthodox before we accept them into the Church, and this will take time.


The Papists in my Twitter feed:

Ha ha, Moscow and Constantinople are out of communion! Your church is falling apart! Serves you right for not submitting to the Pope!  


3 thoughts on “An observation

  1. As a papist, I see no reason to gloat over the misfortunes of schismatic sects, and am hopeful that part of working through the beauracratic rot in the Bride of Christ means welcoming back our separated brethren such as yourself.

    Right now, no matter which part of the divide you’re on, the Church is only breathing with one lung when it needs two, and needs the sees of Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem to be able to stand against the Prince of this world and the hordes he has gathered to himself.

    While there are certainly obstacles to overcome, and even as a laity well read in the Fathers and Doctors I remain slightly ignorant of what they are (I think mostly of the nuances), if anyone on either side can’t agree to the above they’re either missing the forest for the trees or not realizing they’re serving interests other than our King’s by putting further needless division between His subjects at one of the worst times.

  2. @Chad,

    The quality of the posts of papists in my Twitter feed would be higher if you were one of them.

  3. Moose
    WordPress is the closest I get to social media. You are welcome to email me at the one I use for comments, but I’d sooner give you my personal cell number before rejoining any social media.

    But you are always welcome to contact me if you want the insight of a blue collar papist convert who seems to find himself with a better grasp of the theology and more well read than most you’ll find. Though like I said, ignorant of the differences between Rome and the East. I’m more well read in Augustine, Aquinas, and the writings of the councils than I am of Chrysostom or the highly influencial Eastern Fathers, but with an hour commute to work I’ve listened to more than most and am always looking for more free audio of the saints if you have any.

    Or any advice of amature chickens or goats. They’re easier than millenia long scars upon the Bride of Christ.

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