Amy Glass looks down on women

One of my Twitter followers messaged me this article, entitled I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry, with the note that it would provide me fodder. Surprisingly, Ms. Glass is actually more right than wrong. Not in looking down on women who wisely marry and start a family early, while they are fertile and at peak attractiveness–making “wife goggles” more effective and childbearing safer–but in her appraisal of feminism.

Ms. Glass doesn’t believe feminism is about validating any choice a woman makes. She’s correct–feminism is actually about telling women that they should choose to be men. That is why feminists like Ms. Glass attack women for choosing to engage in the one activity that belongs wholly and exclusively to females–childbearing. Ms. Glass believes that ensuring the survival of humankind is an unimportant endeavor, because men don’t do it.

Ms. Glass writes “You will never have the time, energy, freedom or mobility to be exceptional if you have a husband and kids.” Again she is right. Having children is not exceptional. It is normative. However, women aren’t exceptional. Women tend to be average, or close to average. Studies even show that the closer a woman’s face is to average, the more attractive she is. Men and women share roughly the same average intelligence, as measured by IQ scores. However, women cluster closely around that average, while men are far more distributed. There are far more male than female geniuses, but also far more male than female retards. There are more men than women homeless or in prison, but there are also more men than women in the ranks of top CEOs. Exceptionalism is a male trait, while averageness is a female trait. In claiming women are worthless if not exceptional, Ms. Glass shows that she values male traits above female traits, and in encouraging women to strive for exceptionalism, she encourages them to try to be men.

Ms. Glass shows the fundamental principle of feminism–valuing the masculine over the feminine. Perhaps a better name would be masculinism for women.

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