A recantation

Some of you have followed my journey here for some time, and some of you knew this was coming. Mrs. Norseman and I were recently received into our local Orthodox church by chrismation, and our son and daughter were baptized into the church the day before us. I think it necessary to point out that some of what I have written in the past I no longer believe, and that some things I wrote about myself in the past are no longer true.

I have considered what to do with this blog, and I have determined that I will not be taking down or editing the past posts. I have also decided to attempt to begin writing here again. I hope to update my about page and write a new post soon, and I thank those of you who are still subscribed.

5 thoughts on “A recantation

  1. Was pleased to read this a few weeks past but am now returning to ask which things you no longer believe. Have you recanted or modified your views on women along with your Protestant beliefs? I do not ask this to judge you (either way) but because, not having been here from the start, it is a little difficult to discern.

  2. @ Yul,

    I’m not entirely sure what you mean by my “views on women.” The belief regarding women that has seemed to generate the most controversy on this blog is my position that women should cover their heads for corporate worship. I certainly have not changed this belief, and still ensure that my wife and daughter are properly covered for church services and family prayers. While it is certainly not a universal practice in my parish or in American Orthodoxy, that is not because it is un-Orthodox or not part of Holy Tradition, but because many choose to disregard the tradition of the Church on this point.

  3. I was thinking of this:

    “Its one of the issues I always had with a protestant website on veiling called The Head Covering Movement–it seemed aimed at convincing women, rather than their husbands.”

    But, checking the time-stamp, you were well into Orthodoxy when you wrote it and do not now recant it.

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