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I recently read an article on an AltRight blog that introduced me to the concept of the manosphere. I found it interesting, so I looked into it further. The secular manosphere blogs concern me, but the Christian manosphere blogs are intriguing.

I hope you have time to answer my questions (if you do not mind).

1) What is your opinion about physical discipline in a marriage? (This was the subject of the AltRight blog article that I was reading.) If a wife disagrees with her husband about an issue, would she deserve punishment?

2) What is your opinion in regard to miscegenation? Is it important for a husband and wife to share a cultural heritage and background?

Thank you.


1) This is actually two questions, which I will adress in turn. First,the Bible gives the husband a comission to lead his wife, not a command to force her to follow. The multiple commands in scripture directly addressed to wives commanding them to submit to their husbands would be rather unnecessary if husbands had been given the responsibility to force their wives into submission. But husbands were not given that responsibility, and therefore do not have that authority, as authority and responsibility are inseprable.

Secondly, there are situations where some forms of discipline in the form of negative consequences are appropiate. For example, if a couple is out socially, and the wife blatantly disrespects the husband, he ought to immediately end the night. “I’m sorry everyone, but we have to go.” No need to make it dramatic, but boundaries ought to be clearly articulated and consequences for unacceptable behavior ought to be upheld. However, a wife holding a different opinion than her husband is never a reason for punishment. A husband is not required to be the opinion police.

2) It is important that a husband and wife share a cultural background, but not necessarily in the way you mean. You see, religion, properly applied, affects culture. While the church today seems intent on molding the gospel to match current culture, those who place the Word first will find it changing their culture. Christians are called not to conform to the culture around them, but to be transformed into a culture of knowing and following God’s will. This is the culture that husband and wife ought to share.

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