A letter to Ms. Tyema Sanchez

“Where are our men? Why are they not protecting us?” Sanchez continued, her voice full of frustration. “Men are failing us. I feel as though we are not being protected.”

Dear Ms. Tyema Sanchez,

I’d like to answer the question you asked above. Actually, I’d like to answer both questions you asked, and then address the statements you made. First of all, you ask “Where are our men?” The answer is that we are in many places. Some of us are sitting at home playing X-box. Others are watching porn. Still others are putting all their effort into their jobs, because they have absolutely no reason to come home.

You also ask why men are not protecting you, although since you used the plural I assume you were asking why men are not protecting women in general. Here’s why: you told us to stop. Maybe not you personally, but women in general. Women told us that the traditional arrangement in which we protect and provide for you and you keep house and raise children for us was unfair to you women. You told us that you could protect yourselves, that we were unnecessary, like a bicycle to a fish. We took a lot of pride in protecting and providing for you women, so it hurt us to find that we were unnecessary, that we were somehow exploiting you by trading in our protection and provision skills to obtain access to your wifely and motherly skills.

But, if the fish didn’t need the bicycle, maybe the bicycle didn’t need the fish either. We didn’t stop carrying guns and going to boxing gyms, but we did learn to make our own sandwiches. Peanut butter and fried egg may not be the best sandwich in the world, but we learned we could survive on it. We learned to iron our own dress pants, and that carpet only really needs to be vacuumed twice a year. While we don’t eat lasagna as much anymore, we eat steak or burgers cooked on a grill every day. Now that we have no responsibility to provide for you, we have a lot of free time, which we spend playing video games, because they are fun.

Many of us dream of the old days, when we had something to protect, but we know those days are over. After all, you women are just as good at fighting as us men, at least according to the Army and the Marine Corps. The one thing that used to motivate our lives–protecting and providing for a loving wife and children–is no longer an option for us. So we do whatever sounds fun, because there is no point in going through life miserable.

You say that we as men are failing you as women by not protecting you. That’s simply not true. You women burned the contract, saying that it took advantage of you. Now there is no contract. We have no obligation to protect you. Your statement is as ludicrous as if I claimed that women are failing men by not cooking supper for us. You said you didn’t need us, that you could take care of yourselves, and then you accuse us of failing you because we don’t go out of our way to take care of you. Make up your mind.

If however, you decide that the old model was best and you want a man to protect you, I have good news. There are plenty of men who would be eager to revive the old system on a personal level. All you have to do is find such a man, sign a pre-nup so he knows you are not simply trying to steal half his money, and agree to cook, clean, keep house, and bear children for him in return for his protection and provision. If you don’t want such a deal, then why are you so upset about men not protecting you? Fish bicycle, right?



2 thoughts on “A letter to Ms. Tyema Sanchez

  1. Where are those men?

    There’s a youtube interview with Ms. Sanchez (The Marc Baxter Show). I could only stomach about three minutes.

    Ms. Sanchez founded a club/forum for women (no men allowed). Its mission is to empower women and help them work through their issues. What issues? “Finances, baby daddies, divorce.”
    She is one of the women who insists she doesn’t need a bicycle.

    The article you linked to mentions a purse-snatching where the boyfriend chased the criminal and got shot in the chest. Why doesn’t Ms. Sanchez give him credit?

    Oh, of course. It doesn’t fit the “narrative.”

    And where is the daughter she claims to have? A quick Google Images search doesn’t show her with any children.

  2. @deLaune

    Thanks for the research findings. I haven’t had much time the last few days, and now I’m glad I didn’t research her better, as I was riled up enough just reading the article I linked, I probably couldn’t have handled anything else at the time. Also, been enjoying your new series, so far it’s really been on point.

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