Frugal Friday: How to start

Brandon asks:

For those of us who were born and raised in the soft, squishy suburban cesspool of careerism and consumerism, this ‘return to the land’ idea can be very overwhelming. We have been since birth in a state of perpetual infancy, mentally conditioned to see the state, corporation, and grocery store as our manager and provider. Many of us graduated college and are barely scraping buy, with poor job prospects. Buying rural land seems as far away as becoming a millionaire. So, a change of mindset is needed. Advice to those of us on how to reorient our mind out of the dependent, learned helpless mentality toward a more pioneering spirit would be helpful. Strategies toward this end would also be good. Some of us would just like to know where to start.

First, stop eating out.

If you don’t have a crock-pot, buy one. Throw meat, beans (dry), vegetables, and some seasonings in it in the morning with some water, and have a hot meal waiting for you when you get home. If you eat boxed cereal for breakfast,

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Explaining the flag

The Confederate Battle Flag is a grand old flag.

It is well designed, simple, and visually appealing. Besides that, it stands for Christian resistance to those who would subvert the ordinations of God. It is a flag that I have much respect for.

Yet the beautiful, star-studded blue cross of St. Andrew on a field of blood red is not my flag. It is the flag of a tribe that I respect, support, and admire, but do not belong to. Because despite all the values the flag stands for, it is also

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Preparing for the storm

From the comments:

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on what many today are calling “The Benedict Option,” though that’s not the name under which I first heard it. My first exposure was this post, “Back to Qumran” at [MN: I recommend reading this article, if you haven’t already.]
I have been in the shadows of what some call the Prepper Movement for some time (preparing for the future just makes sense to me) so the idea of a “prepper’s retreat” was well known to me, but a retreat for the express purpose of religious and cultural continuance and strengthening was a new twist.
I think it may be one of the key aspects of preparing for future persecution – build communities now, unplug our children now.
When the storm hits, it will be too late. And when the storm hits, I think a vast majority of the “Christian” edifice in America will crumble.  —KingProphetPriest

I think this is worth speaking about here and now, rather than waiting for Preparing for Persecution. I saw an article the other day rightly pointing out some of the advantages of

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PayPal tries to destroy small business for selling Confederate flag

A letter I received today:

Due to Paypal trying to destroy Stainless Banners, they have frozen the money you paid for your merchandise. We have the shipments ready, but can’t ship until paid for. We have been doing business with Paypal for 15 years and suddenly they froze our account. All forms of payment were processed thru Paypal. Please don’t believe all the bad things they are saying about us. Our reputation has been damaged.

This is why nothing has been shipped for a month. They want all forms of the Rebel flag gone. Paypal will shortly refund your money, but doesn’t want you to have your items. You should ask Paypal why they held your money. The number is 402-935-7733.

To get your stuff, and keep us from going under, many have been sending me a check, money order, or cashiers check for the same amount. Do not make checks out to Stainless Banners. If sending a check, make out to Culdera Graphics.

You can send it to:

Culdera Graphics
3300-6 Emerald Drive, Emerald Isle, NC 28594

Make sure you have the shipping address, phone no. and items required. Use the same price you were quoted before and we will ship as soon as we can.

Let us assure you that no fraud has occurred, but a powerful, liberal company wants to say who can do business and who can’t.

Sincerest apologies,

Stainless Banners

A police report on the same thing:

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In the works: Preparing for Persecution

I have just begun work on my second book, Preparing for Persecution. It will cover bug-out bags, food and supply caches, gardening, hunting, and various other aspects of preparing for a time when we are unable to buy or sell. I’m hoping to have the book ready for release by Jan 1st. Let me know if there is anything that you want to be sure I don’t forget to include.